This article is about the tip of the shoelace. You may be looking for the song with a similar name.
Ferb's aglet

The aglet

An aglet is a device that secures each end of a shoelace and prevents it from fraying, making it easier to thread the shoelace through the holes in a shoe ("Tip of the Day").


The word aglet (or aiglet) comes from Old French aguillette (or aiguillette), which is the diminutive of aguille (or aiguille), meaning needle. This in turn comes from acus, Latin for needle. An aglet is like a small needle at the end of a cord.


Learning about aglets has the added benefits. The ones shown in Phineas and Ferb are:

  • Fiancée accepting a marriage proposal
  • Bosses give job promotions
  • Re-growing hair
  • Old people to gain ability to hear


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