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"Alabama Bound"
Mobile Mammal
Perry driving the truck during the song
Song by Building Engineer
Genre(s): Southern Country
Length: 0:42
Building Engineer chronology
Previous: None
Current: "Alabama Bound"
Next: "Aren't You a Little Young?"
Phineas and Ferb - Mobile Mammal00:42

Phineas and Ferb - Mobile Mammal

Phineas & Ferb Song Demo - "Mobile Mammal"00:45

Phineas & Ferb Song Demo - "Mobile Mammal"

"Alabama Bound" (season 3)
Agentp - Road Trip
Perry driving the truck.
Song by Banana Factory Worker
Genre(s): Southern Country
Length: 0:05
Building Engineer chronology
Previous: "Aren't You a Little Young?"
Current: "Alabama Bound" (season 3)
Next: None

"Alabama Bound" (otherwise Mobile Mammal) is a southern country-themed song from the episode "Suddenly Suzy". It was originally composed by a Banana Factory Worker, but he had left the demo disk in a company truck being commandeered by Perry the Platypus. The song is also briefly played while Perry takes the control of Doofenshmirtz's truck in "Road Trip".


He's Alabama-bound with a load of bananas,
Headin' south across the Mason-Dixon line,
Then he's haulin' pineapples to Gary, Indiana,
Gotta burn some rubber, make that highway whine!

He's a mobile mammal and I bet you a fiver
He's eatin' hush puppies and corn on the cob,
He's a semi-aquatic semi driver,
A full-time agent with a part-time job!

Aw yeah, I'll bet you a fiver!
That there's a mobile mammal!

Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh! Woo!

Background Information

  • A figure of Major Monogram dressed as a Dancing Hula Girl can be seen on the dashboard.
  • The song is similar in rhythm to "Truck Drivin' Girl".
  • Perry is described as a semi-aquatic mammal, which ties into the lyrics of his theme song.
  • Part of the lyrics tell of a Mobile mammal heading to Alabama. Series creator Dan Povenmire himself grew up in Mobile, Alabama.
  • It is apparent that CGI was used for the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated blimp and the banana truck at some parts of the song.
  • At one part in the montage, the ship's gas pedal is shown to be shaped as a bare foot, reminiscent to the gas pedal in the ship Ferb rode during "My Ride From Outer Space" in "The Chronicles of Meap".
  • On Watch Disney XD, this song is referred to as Mobile Mammal.


  • The song is later heard again briefly when Perry seizes control of Doofenshmirtz's truck in "Road Trip".


BMI Work #12118196

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