"Alien Heart"
She's got alien heart
Max Modem
Song by Max Modem and the Mainframes
Genre(s): New Wave
Length: 01:37
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Phineas and Ferb - Alien Heart01:37

Phineas and Ferb - Alien Heart

(episode version)
Phineas & Ferb Song Demo - "Alien Heart"01:24

Phineas & Ferb Song Demo - "Alien Heart"

(demo version)

Alien Heart is a song sung by Lawrence and Phineas as Max Modem and the Mainframes in "Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!"


Lawrence: I think my girlfriend is an alien,
Invading force from Planet 10,
Said she was from out of town,
But I know what she meant...

Lawrence and Phineas: I know she's from another galaxy,
Lawrence: I don't know just what she's a-doing with me!
She treats my love like a science experiment...


Does she love me for who I am?
Or does she want to put my brain in a can?
She can have it, cause I never want to be apart...

Fan-girl: Take my leg warmers, Max!

Lawrence: From her alien heart!

(She's got an alien) Heart!
(She's got an alien) Heart!
(She's got an alien) She's got an alien heart!
(She's got an alien) Heart!
(She's got an alien) Heart!
(She's got an alien) Heart!

Perry/Doofenshmirtz interruption

She's got an alien heart!
(She's got an alien) Pumps like the Dickens!

(She's got an alien) She's got an alien heart!
(She's got an alien) Heart...
(She's got an alien) Heart...
(She's got an alien) She's got an alien heart...

We're Max Modem and the Mainframes! Thank you Tri-State Area!

Background Information

  • In Latin America, the song is called Es una alien, which translates to "She's an alien", or "It's an alien".
  • Dan Povenmire and Martin Olson wrote the original song and recorded the demo in Dan's office, with some helpful edits later by Jon Colton Barry.
  • This song is similar to the song Planet Claire by the B-52s.
  • Phineas and Ferb's robot costumes may be a reference to the French house duo Daft Punk (particularly due to the fact that the boys are seen playing the drums, guitar and keyboard, much like Daft Punk).
  • E=♥2, apparent in one of the white squares during the line "she treats my love like a science experiment", is a parody of Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula, (E=mc2). Scientifically, E=♥2 would mean energy is love squared.
  • At the beginning of the song, some of the people that were seen in the aglet concert (from the episode "Tip of the Day") appear. They are still using aglet awareness ribbons on their fingers.
  • It is also the second song that is stopped due to a Doofenshmirtz/Perry sub-plot (the first being "Gimme a Grade").



BMI Work #13083706

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