Ashley Michelle Simpson was a character designer for the episode "Act Your Age".

She came to the attention of Dan Povenmire when he and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh were at signing autpgraphs at Comic-Con International in San Diego when she came into the line, handed Povenmire a picture of Phineas and Ferb as teenagers and walked away.  (This was likely in 2012, judging from the date on the artwork.) Povenmire said he "absolutely loved it" and even told a handler to "keep this somewhere where it doesn't get coffee spilled on it".[1] Later, when work was beginning on "Act Your Age", he remembered her fan art and, after finding her DeviantArt account, attempted to contact her, but she believed it to be a hoax. Through her friends, he was able to convince her that he "really was trying to hire" her. She received a Character Design credit for "Act Your Age" and later continued working for Povenmire and Marsh as a storyboard artist on Milo Murphy's Law.[2]

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