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"Babyface Trucking"
Our Drivers Look Like Children, But They're Not
Song by Danny Jacob
Genre(s): Jingle
Length: 00:05
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Danny Jacob - Babyface Truckin'00:05

Danny Jacob - Babyface Truckin'

"Babyface Trucking" is the jingle of the company of the same name played after Phineas asks the driver the "too young" line in "The Return of the Rogue Rabbit".


Babyface Truckin',
Our drivers look like children, but they're not!

Background information

  • The company's truck made a cameo appearance when Lawrence hired their services to help remove clutter from the yard. ("Troy Story")
  • Another time the song is related with the too young line ("Rollercoaster: The Musical").


BMI Work #17466295


"Straight Up Bust"
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