Background animals are animals that have been seen in an episode and may help to advance the plot, but are not significant enough to warrant their own page. For similar characters, refer to the Background characters page.

Invisible Tiger

Heinz Doofenshmirtz used his Invisible ray on a tiger in preparation for capturing Agent P. Doofenshmirtz released the tiger, expecting it to attack Perry, but failed to provide a means for it to enter Perry's cage. The tiger then began attacking Dr. Doofenshmirtz, who was able to fend off the tiger by way of randomly whipping the air near the tiger and using a chair to push the tiger back into its room. ("Don't Even Blink")


The robin is a character in Interview With a Platypus. It is the first animal to speak into the translator.

When Phineas wonders what animal they should review first, a voice says "I sure like worms." and the gang stares at Isabella, assuming that she said it. It turns out a bird said it by using the translator. ("Interview With a Platypus")