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If you are looking for information on getting or making a Bango-Ru toy, please refer to the forum.
This article is about the toy. You may be looking for the similar named song.
Bango-Ru convention
The Bango-Ru convention in Danville
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Chronicles of Meap"

Bango-Ru is a Japanese character and soft toy that can be ordered to any specification online. Candace and Stacy ordered Bango-Rus online. Stacy ordered a cross between a bunny and a bear that she named Bunny-Bear. Candace ordered a cross between a cow and a frog that she named Señor Frowg, but unlike Stacy's cross between a bunny and a bear, hers turned out very ugly. The Bango-Ru convention was also held in Danville at the Danville Arena the day the girls got their toys. Bango-Ru has its own theme song. Candace mentions that one of the Bettys has a Bango-Ru on her guitar.

List of known stuffed animals


Bunny-Bear is a Bango-Ru that Stacy owns. It is a mixed species of a bunny and a bear.

Señor Frowg


"I just discovered why cows and frogs don't date."

Señor Frowg is a Bango-Ru that Candace owns. It is a mixed species of a frog and a cow. But unlike Stacy's Bango-Ru, Candace's Bango-Ru is extremely ugly.

Background Information

Bango-Ru A2SD DS


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