This article is about the song. You may be looking for the band that performed it.
"Bicentennial Crab"
Baby Head and Klimpaloon
Song by Bicentennial Crab and The Klimpaloon
Genre(s): Folk
Length: 00:03
Bicentennial Crab and The Klimpaloon chronology
Previous: None
Current: "Bicentennial Crab"
Next: "The Ballad of Klimpaloon" (The Klimpaloon)

"Bicentennial Crab" is song played by the eponymous band and The Klimpaloon in "Ferb TV"


(Bicentennial Crab starts playing)
The Klimpaloon: Na, na, na, nang
Na, na, na, nang


  • Danny Jacob
"Ducky Momo Theme Song"
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