"Big Brain"
Taking on the Big Brain
Baljeet, the "Big Brain"
Song by Dan Povenmire and Carmen Carter
Genre(s): Funktronica, soul
Length: 1:21
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Phineas and Ferb - Big Brain01:19

Phineas and Ferb - Big Brain

"Big Brain" is a song from "Cranius Maximus" as the kids tries to stop Baljeet from sending the atmosphere to the moon.


Be careful where you tread
You got me seeing red
I'm a mental thoroughbred
All the secrets of the universe are in my head

You won't get very far, I want to see the stars
Maybe later on I'll build a rocket to Mars
Now you're gonna feel the pain
'Cause you're taking on the big brain (Big brain, yeah!)
Taking on the big brain. (Big brain, yeah)

You're looking like you're dragging your cerebral feet
I know you're all mental midgets so I'm gonna repeat
I'm using little words to make it plain
Ain't no taking on the big brain (big brain, yeah!)
No hope of taking on the big brain (big brain, yeah!)
There's no use taking on the big brain (big brain, yeah!)
I said you're taking on the big brain (big brain, yeah!)
He's a big brain

Background information

  • The voice is Dan Povenmire's "wild parsnip" voice from when Candace sung "E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S.".
  • The lyrics state that Baljeet may build a rocket to Mars, though Phineas and Ferb have already built a portal to Mars.
  • Dan Povenmire mentioned in his Twitter account that this song was named Big Brain.


BMI Work #15663293

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