Isabella Buford and Baljeet
Gender: Male
Age: less than 15 (deceased)
Hometown: Tri-Stone Area
Friends and Family
Unknown mother
Unknown father
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Tri-Stone Area"
Last Appearance:
  "Tri-Stone Area"
Voiced by:
Bobby Gaylor

Boofgard is the prehistoric version of Buford Van Stomm.


He is a friend of Phinabunk and Gerb, as well as Isabelock. Baljug is his nerd. This is proved when he enters Phinabunk and Gerb's backyard, pulling Baljug by the feet (and Baljug is simply laughing, suggesting that Boofgard can be more dangerous).

He helps Phinabunk and Gerb to make a wheel (unsuccessfully), along with Isabelock and Baljug. He found it difficult to ride on the wheel, he first hits the wheel on Baljug's head, and then later on his own.

He is the engine of the cart made by Phinabunk and Gerb (he was running on the wheel which was behind the cart, thus pushing the cart forward).

He dances with Baljug in Zubada.

Physical Appearance

He looks similar to his present self but his hair is rather messier. He wears the skin of a green animal.

Background Information

  • He is a possible bully of that time.
  • He is from 27,000 B.C.


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