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"Buford is in Trouble"
Baljeet replicas angry at Buford
Baljeet replicas start to play their song.
Song by Baljeet replicas
Length: 0:42
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Current: "Buford is in Trouble"
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Phineas and Ferb - Buford is in Trouble00:38

Phineas and Ferb - Buford is in Trouble

"Buford is in Trouble" is a song from "Primal Perry" sung by all the Baljeet replicas, having decided to take vengeance on Buford.


Baljeet replicas: Decisions are much easier when made en masse
No one accountable, no fear of loss
Because there's more of us, you will obey
You do not have a choice; do what we say!

It's only mob mentality, you do not understand it fully
Put together thirty nerds and you can make a giant bully

Buford is in trouble now, see the sweat upon his brow,
Our numbers are superior, surrender we will not allow (X3)

Phineas: Huh, so that's what comeuppance looks like.

Background Information


BMI Work #15909792


"Improbably Knot"
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