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"Bust Em Beat Em Frenzy"
Bust Em Feeding Frenzy
Song by Candace
Genre(s): Pop, Rap
Candace chronology
Previous: "There is No Candy in Me"
Current: "Bust Em Beat Em Frenzy"
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Phineas and Ferb - Busting Feeding Frenzy00:27

Phineas and Ferb - Busting Feeding Frenzy

"Bust Em Beat Em Frenzy" is a short song sung by Candace in "What Do It Do?".


Candace: It's a busting feeding frenzy, stay out of the water.

(This repeats until Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher pull up to the house)

Linda: There, tell me that's not terrifying.
Lawrence: (Sees Candace dancing) I'm so sorry I doubted you.

Candace: Going down down down at the busting feeding frenzy stay out of the water!!!

Background Information

  • In BMI this song is known as "Bust Em Beat Em Frenzy", even though Candace clearly sings "Bustin' feedin' frenzy."


BMI Work #12118595

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