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Candace had a dream wherein she was able to bust Phineas and Ferb. The events in the dream never occured in reality, and it turned out that she only had this dream within Perry's dream.

Individuals present in Candace's dream

Dream Plot

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The dream starts out as Candace is trying to get her just now-arriving mom to see the boys' project, which for today is The "Flying Car of the future, today". After she drags Linda into the backyard, she initially believes the landing pad of the aircraft has disappeared. However, the tower is still present and Linda is shocked upon seeing it.

Phineas tries to testify that what he and his brother are doing is safe before tower falls over and crashes down upon the house. This is the final blow to Linda, and her final punishment for the boys is settled. She has them sent to the Smile Away Reformatory School for what she believes is their safety. Little does she know that what she has seen in the school's brochure is a cover-up for something much darker and crueler than what the school warden claims it to be.