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"You can march to the beat of conformity in the Empire!"
— Candace singing about the Empire

Candace Flynn (Star Wars)
Since I was young..
Gender: Female
Age: Possibly 15.
Height: Possibly the same as Candace
Hometown: Tatooine
Nemesis: The Rebel Alliance (formerly)
Galactic Empire
Professional Information
  Former Stormtrooper
  The Galactic Empire (formerly)
Rebel Alliance
Friends and Family
Linda Flynn-Fletcher
Unnamed father
Lawrence Fletcher
Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher
Stormtrooper Buford
Stormtrooper Baljeet
Unnamed commanding officer
Operating number:
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars"
Voiced by:
Ashley Tisdale
Stormtrooper candace

Candace Flynn is the Star Wars counterpart of the Danvillian citizen of the same name. She is a rather low-ranking stormtrooper working for Darth Vader, but she has an intention on busting the rebel scum who took the plans for the Death Star. However, she has a change of heart after she is saved by Phineas from falling off a ledge.



Candace, marching with stormtroopers.

Sometime after Phineas was born, Candace left behind her family on Tatooine to join the Galactic Empire and become a member of the Stormtrooper Corps. During her time in the Imperial Academy, she took a shooting range portion with another cadet named Gladys who got sent to Accounting instead.

After graduating from the Academy, Cadance was eventually transferred along with Buford and Baljeet to a Stormtrooper unit stationed aboard Darth Vader's personal flagship Devastator, and was present during the attack on the CR90 Corvette Tantive IV when searching for the recently-stolen Death Star plans. During the raid on the Rebel ship, Candace and her unit stormed aboard ready to see some action at long last. However, much to her chagrin; her commanding officer assigned Candace and her unit to a tedious task of getting new socks for Lord Vader. But soon stumbles across a corridor where Princess Leia was busy recording a message meant for Obi-Wan Kenobi, heading back to her CO to report her finding, she is ignored as the commanding officer is only interested in getting socks for Darth Vader and doesn't bother to report this finding to his superiors. Mad at this, Candace decides to go after the droids personally who went into an escape pod, hoping that capturing the escaping droids would take her and her comrades off of "sock detail".

Her escape pod landed on Tatooine, just on the other side of the hill the droids landed on, but she said her "busting" instincts said they went forward. Baljeet and Buford asked her why she joined the Empire. She explained that Rebels were cruel sub-humans messing up the galaxy, and she's all about law and order. This drives her to sing the musical number, "In the Empire". After a while, they found their commander with the Tatooine detachment crew, as she was about to report that she had tracked the droids down to the planet, she was admonished stating that the Droids were none of their concern, along with revealing that the droids had the Death Stars' plans with them. Stating that it wasn't a matter of their concern, their commanding officer sent them to get socks for Vader in Mos Eisley.

Later on, in Mos Eisley, Candace got Vader's socks while Buford got a hoagie. When she spotted Phineas and Ferb with the stolen Death Star plans, she chased after them with Baljeet and Buford with her, Buford attempted to shoot at them, only to miss and startle a Ronto mount, causing it to stampede in their direction, prompting the trio to run away. Later, she found the two with Isabella as they were about to board the smugglers' personal ship. firing her E-11 at the ship as it was taking off, she asked what was taking Buford and Baljeet so long with their E-Web Blaster Cannon, who were both assembling it upside-down. flipping the Blaster Cannon over, Candace tried to fire the cannon at them, but due to the haphazard assembly by her comrades, the Blaster Cannon flew apart and instead blasted a nearby tower, causing it to fall towards their hangar. She and the others escaped the hangar before the tower crushed it, but she grumbled that Phineas and Ferb got away with the Death Star schematics. After reuniting with their commander, he asks them if they had the socks for Vader and Candace hands him the bag. The commander told her and the others to report to the Death Star for re-assignment, brightening Candaces' mood slightly as it was considerably a step-up from their posts aboard the Devastator, but before they could board; their commander told them that seating aboard their shuttle was full, and were instead ordered to take a bus pod to the Death Star.

On the way to the Death Star, Buford showed Candace that they still have Darth Vader's socks. So, Candace asked him what they gave to their commander back on Tatooine. Later, it's revealed that they gave the commander Buford's hoagie. Vader drops it and force-chokes the commander for his incompetence, presumably killing him. 

Upon arriving on the Death Star, Candace reports for duty at Level 4, where she overhears Han Solo talking to the two officers over comlink from the prison block. After the officer requested for Han to report his operating number; they overheard a blaster bolt as the comlink went dead, the officer sent a team of Stormtroopers, including Baljeet and Buford to the prison block, but tells Candace to guard the post, much to her ever-growing disdain. 

Candace tried to entertain herself by making faces under her helmet, only to have Phineas and Isabella stumble across her post. Candace goes into busting mode and chases after them on Level 4, only to slip on a puddle of water from the hatch leading to the Level 4 Detention block garbage smasher, causing her and her tagets to slip across the floor into the chasm room. She then dangles for her life on a platform not far from where Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were swinging across from. Phineas goes to help her, much to Isabella's annoyance. Candace was surprised that a Rebel saved her life, and wondered why he would do such a thing. Phineas simply replied that she was in trouble "I couldn't just leave you hanging. Literally." As she watched Phineas return to Isabella to leave, a stray blaster bolt hits her platform from above and admonishes Buford for his misfire; only for Buford to retort that the Empire didn't bother to put safeties on their firearms. Later after rejoining with her unit again, Candace begins to question the validity of the Galactic Empire being the "Good Guys" along with considering that the Empire had just destroyed the planet Alderaan, she statred thinking about their own moral standing with the Empire. 

Phineas and Ferb hug Stormtrooper Candace

Candace is reunited with Phineas and Ferb.

Later, when Phineas was battling Darth Ferb, Candace decided to help him by providing covering fire from behind the carbon-frozen Darthenshmirtz, only for Ferb to turn his attention to Candace and attack her, djem dispatching her blaster rifle in a single stroke. Before he was about to kill her, Ferbs' attention returned to Phineas as he tried to run towards the Sith-inator which caused his transformation into an agent of the Dark Side. Candace then grabbed chunks of carbonite and loaded them into the socks she was supposed to give to Darth Vader and use them as impromptu Bolos, drawing back Ferbs attention again. Phineas then threw his broken Lightsaber into the self destruct port of the Sith-inator causing it to explode. After Ferb came back from the Dark Side, Candace was reunited with Buford and Baljeet and helped to guide the four of them to the bus pod so they could escape the Death Star before it was destroyed. But by the time they had already reached the hangar bay, the bus pod takes off without them. As everybody was talking about their regrets she finally recognizes Phineas as her brother and gives him a hug. Phineas introduces her to Ferb and she wondered what happened to their dad. Before the Death Star blew up, Isabella came and rescued them aboard her ship. At the end, Candace, Baljeet and Buford joined the Rebels, and were present at the Award Ceremony honoring Luke Skywalker and Han Solo for their parts in the Battle of Yavin, at this time she, Buford and Baljeet had abandoned their Stormtrooper Armor, replacing them with robes similar to Phineas' Farm outfit.


Like most members of the Stormtrooper Corps, Candace Flynn was apparently trained as a cadet in the Imperial Academy where she met Buford and Baljeet. Its possible that Candace possesses some degree of Force sensitivity like her brother and step-brother do (something that she calls her "Busting Instincts" which often led her away from her primary objective), but not enough to hold her ground against a true Force Sensitive, however she was able to outrun both a stampeding Ronto and later a collapsing tower while carrying her comrades Buford and Baljeet to safety. Candace's weapons training in both Blaster Rifles like the E-11 is standard for most Stormtroopers, along with knowledge on rapid field assembly for a E-Web Blaster Cannon.


  • Candace states at one point that the Rebels as being "Sub-Human" which was a term used in the Humanocentric Galactic Empire when referring to Non-Humans and Near-Humans.
  • During the song number "In The Empire", Candace states that during her time in the Imperial Academy, she took a shooting range portion with another cadet named Gladys who seemed mentally incapable for her job due to failing the firing range portion of the exam four times (once by holding her blaster backwards, and then again when she held it upside-down), despite this Gladys was moved into Accounting and later was promoted to the rank of Commander simply because Gladys was the "second-cousin of some midlevel Darth": possibly a codeword for an Inquisitor. This fact angers Candace to no end even into the present day.