Climby toys

Climby Jaimie (front) along with Ascendin' Brendan (back), Ladderman Larry (left) and Climbin' Simon (right)

Climby toys are a line of toys manufactured by the Har D Har Toy Company. They feature a small figure that moves up and down an object that matches its theme. According to a certain board member, Har D Har had always made climby toys.

To date, the Har D Har Toy Company has produced five climby toys:

  • Climbin' Simon - a monkey that climbs a rope from a barrel
  • Ascendin Brendon - a King Kong-like ape that climbs a building
  • Ladderman Larry - a fireman that climbs a ladder
  • Climby Jaimie (pronounced as "hi-me") - a monkey that climbs a palm tree
  • Shimmy Jimmy — a monkey that climbs a coconut tree
Har D Har Wall of Fame

Advertising posters for the company's product line

Despite a commercial with a catchy jingle and a Shimmy Jimmy mascot, as well as their retail store in the Googolplex Mall being stocked with quite a variety of Shimmy Jimmy merchandise, sales plummeted and then went flat. Har D Har Toy Company management began looking for a new type of toy, despite reluctance to break with their traditional product line.

Phineas and Ferb introduced their Perry the Inaction Figure prototype and the company immediately retooled their product line to manufacture it. The company would later go on to market a toy called Brick. ("Toy to the World")

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