The De-Handsome-Inator, is one of Doofenshmirtz's so-called "Inators." Like the Ugly-Inator, it can make anyone ugly. Its first & last appearance was the episode, "Quietest Day Ever." It turns out, that Doof built Two. one on his balcony, & the other in Ray-Gun-Form. Doof's plan was to make everyone in the Tri-State Area, ugly, making him look more handsome by comparison. He ended up zapping HIMSELF, & he was about to become the new mayor of Danville. Luckily, Perry The Platypus turns up at the banquet, with Doof's Inator remote. He presses the button, which caused the De-Handsome-Inator to fire a beam off of different mirrors at different places around the Tri-State Area, & zap Doof's face. in the end, Doof fires the Other-De-Handsome-Inator, which repeats the same process & goes back into the first Inator, & the rattling of the ray sets the control lever to "Handsome" & flies up into the air, shoots one last beam, & blew up. The ray hit Buford, making HIM handsome.