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Lost in Danville Denise
Gender: Female
Age: Old
Hometown: Possibly Seattle, Washington
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Professor Mystery
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Lost in Danville"
Last Appearance:
  "Lost in Danville"
Voiced by:
Jane Kaczmarek

"Stop telling people you're them from the future!"
— Denise after Bernie told Isabella how he's her from the future

"Oh, let him! I'm so tired of that hamster runnin' our lives!"
— Denise after Bernie overreacted about the hamster slowing down

"Settle down, Bernie! Remember your blood pressure!"
— Denise telling Bernie not to overreact too much

Denise is from Lost in Danville. She thinks of her husband Bernie as a crazy guy seeing as how Bernie was pretending to be everyone from the future. They accidentally created a black hole and decided to contain it, but somehow abandoned their son, Professor Mystery in the process.

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