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"Do the Moan"
Do the Moan
Candace singing
Song by Candace
Released: Feburary 28, 2011
Venue: Danville
Length: 0:06
Candace chronology
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Current: "Do the Moan"
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Phineas and Ferb - Do the Moan00:09

Phineas and Ferb - Do the Moan

"Do the Moan" is a short song sung by Candace in "Canderemy" in a fleeting effort to cover up the moaning of an unconscious Jeremy (who was fused to her at the waist) while with Stacy outside of a cafe. At the time, she was supposed to be spending time with Stacy without anyone else along, thus being forced to conceal Jeremy's presence by any means possible.


Candace: (Moan)
Do the moan, moan
Yeah do the moan
C'mon Stace! Don't you love that song?
Do the moan

Background Information


BMI Work #13083801

See also

"Set the Record Straight"
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"Brahms's Lullaby"

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