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Doonkelberry Bats
CD- Dookleberybats
Nationality: Druelselstenien
Hometown: Gimmelshtump
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Favorite food:
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Raging Bully"
Last Appearance:
  "The Curse of Candace"

Doonkelberry Bats are a species of bats that live in the paths of Drusselstein, they eat Doonkelberries, Heinz said that if you walk the paths of Drusselstein with uncovered Doonkelberry Cake, they will swarm.

Apparently they are not only from Drusselstein, as seen once, because Perry the Platypus called them with his whistle to free him from the Doonkelberry trap in which Heinz had trapped him and the bats instantly appeared, suggesting that there are some in the U.S., or, at least, in Danville.


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