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Double Dutch
Double dutch
Song by Jen Hirsh
Released: September 7, 2012
Length: 0:14
Jen Hirsh chronology
Previous: We Are the Moms
Current: Double Dutch

Double Dutch is a song from "When Worlds Collide". The song is played after Perry sets off the "Double Dutch Machine" by breaking the laser "trip wire" and seems to repeat indefinitely until the skipping person fails to jump in time. In spite of Perry being tangled in the ropes, the Double Dutch Machine is not a trap, as admitted by Doofenshmirtz.


Volgen nu!

One dutch, two dutch
Queens of the double dutch
We skip better than you by that much
Watch our feet, our moves are sweet
Our double dutchin' won't be beat

Touwtje springen, fast feud.


BMI Work #15704179

Background Information

  • Volgen nu is Dutch for "Follow now" a command from the song to begin skipping.
  • Touwtje springen is Dutch for "jumping rope".
    • The part stating "fast feud" is in debate as the voice is carrying a Dutch accent as it speaks and seems unlikely it would switch to English for just one short phrase.
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