Down Perry-Scope
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Platform(s): Computer game

Down Perry-Scope is a Phineas and Ferb online game.


While Phineas and Ferb try out a submarine in their backyard lake, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is trying to capture all the fish and sell them for a profit. It's up to Perry to stop Doofenshmirtz.


The goal of the game is to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from sucking up all the fish in the lake by dropping sponges into a vortex. If the fish get too close to the vortex, they will be sucked in; if all the fish in a level are sucked in, the game ends.

Pressing the down key sends Perry towards the lake floor, allowing him to grab a sponge. Pressing down again will drop it. The left and right keys will tilt the submarine in that direction, allowing Perry to make an angled grab. Pressing space will flip the direction of the submarine, while pressing up will cause the submarine to briefly increase speed, potentially annoying Candace, sunbathing on a raft in the lake, with the air bubbles released from the sub.

The player must also avoid mines and jellyfish, which will cause Perry to drop a sponge if he is holding one.


  • Phineas and Ferb are trying out their submarine in their backyard lake, but if you lose the game you can hear Doofenshmirtz saying "Look what I have, Perry the Platypus! All the fish in the sea!".

Background Information

  • Access to this game is available at as well as on the Disney website.


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