Dr Ninja Baljeet

The title card for the show.

Dr. Ninja Baljeet is one of the shows from "Ferb TV". It stars Baljeet as the main character.


A woman is on a beach pleading for help. Baljeet then comes over and tells her that he is a doctor and that he's single. He kneels by her and asks her what is the problem, she replied that she had sprained her ankle. When Baljeet asked her if she wanted him to have a look at it, she and all the other people on the beach turned into 'alien zombies' and they wanted his brain. He told them that he is using his brain and lifts one of the nearby 'alien zombies', throws it across the beach at four others. He tells the aliens that he is also a ninja, then starts cartwheeling around the beach. The title then shows Doctor ninja Baljeet in color.

Dr. Baljeet, along with a woman, is riding on a motorcycle away from a truck of thugs. A drawbridge in front of them suddenly rises, and they go riding up into the air. The thugs then come up to the drawbridge and go riding over the hole, landing on the other side. One of them tells the driver that he is lucky, who replies that he's "gotta slow down." You then see Baljeet and the woman hanging from a helicopter. Baljeet tells the woman that he's called Doctor Ninja Baljeet, after she gets it wrong. The helicopter then flies away as Baljeet states that he did not spend 6 years in ninja training school to be called Dr. Baljeet.

Baljeet rides away from a yacht in a speedboat. Baljeet tells her that there is nothing to be afraid of, then the yacht explodes.

Baljeet is talking with, yet, another woman. He tells her that the invasion turned out to just be a big misunderstanding. The woman then asks if that means they're safe now, and Baljeet replies with "That depends. Do you want more Carbonated Goulash?" They both laugh, and foam comes out of their mouths. The woman then says "I don't get it."


  • Baljeet Tjinder as Dr. Ninja Baljeet