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"Du Bois Jingle"
Song by Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson [1]
Genre(s): Jingle
Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson chronology
Previous: "Foam Town" (Danny)
"Dancing in the Sunshine" (Laura)
Current: "Du Bois Jingle"
Next: "Straight Up Bust" (Laura Dickinson)
"Quirky Worky Song" (Danny Jacob)

"Du Bois Jingle" is a short jingle for the Du Bois Landscape Artists heard in "Imperfect Storm". There are two versions of the jingle: one using Linda's French pronunciation, and a longer one using the proper literal pronunciation along with the slogan.


Part 1

Du Bois (Du Bwa) Landscape Artists.

Part 2

Du Bois (Du Boys) Landscape Artists
It's just like it's spelled, it's French!

Background information

  • This is one of the shortest songs of the series.
  • Danny Jacob and Laura Dickinson sing this song. They also provided the background chorus for the song "Straight Up Bust" in the same episode[2].


BMI Work #18047689


See Also

"Fletcher Family Flying Circus"
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"Quirky Worky Song"

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