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Agent Ferb
Song by Laura Dickinson
Genre(s): Jazz
Length: 00:02
Laura Dickinson chronology
Previous: "Doofenshmirtz Vacation Condo"
Current: "Ferb"
Next: "Don't Look Down"
Laura Dickinson - Ferb00:02

Laura Dickinson - Ferb

"Ferb" is a short song sung by Laura Dickinson in "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!".[1] It serves as a parody of "Perry the Platypus" and is sung as Ferb sneaks off to Irving's for a clip compilation.


Background singers: Ferb!


  • Danny Jacob

BMI Work #13336174

Background information

  • Prior to Laura Dickinson's confirmation,[1] this wasn't considered a song.
  • According to Laura Dickinson, this is a separate song from "Perry the Platypus."[1]


See also

"Doofenshmirtz Vacation Condo"
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"Mission Song"

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