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This article is about the song Flying Fishmonger. You may be looking for the episode, "The Flying Fishmonger" or daredevil Reginald Fletcher.
"Flying Fishmonger"
He's A Flying Fishmonger
Song by Phineas, Isabella, Fireside Girls, and mysterious appearing choir
Genre(s): Rock and roll
Length: 0:34
Phineas, Isabella, Fireside Girls and Danny Jacob chronology
Previous: "Dirge" (Gretchen and Isabella)
"Ballad of Badbeard" (Phineas, Holly, Katie and Adyson)
"It's Candace" (Danny Jacob)
Current: "Flying Fishmonger"
Next: "One Good Scare" (Phineas)
"Gitchee Gitchee Goo (Extended Version)" (Isabella and the Fireside Girls)
"It's Candace" (Danny Jacob)
"Fireside Girls Anthem" (Katie and Holly)
Phineas and Ferb - The Flying Fishmonger (Song)00:50

Phineas and Ferb - The Flying Fishmonger (Song)

"Flying Fishmonger" is the updated version of the theme song specially commissioned by Reginald Fletcher for his attempt to jump McGregor's Gorge of Doom with his motorcycle during his days. This song and the original version are heard during the episode "The Flying Fishmonger" and are revealed to be integral to the plot of the episode. The original version was so dreary, it caused it to rain, and delayed Reginald from jumping McGregor's Gorge.


Choir: Holy, Holy Mackerel
Holy, Holy Mackerel
Holy, Holy Mackerel
Holy, Holy Mackerel

Phineas: He's bald on top
He's got an artificial hip
He's gonna take a hop
He's gonna take a trip
He's weak in the knees
And he can't find his keys
But put your hands together
'Cause he's here to please

He's a Flying Fishmonger (Flying Fishmonger)
He's a Flying Fishmonger (Death-defying wonder)
He's a Flying Fishmonger with nerves of steel
He's got an old blender motor
And a pair of wheels

Background Information

  • Ginger is the only Fireside Girl to not appear, while Milly only sings the drige anthem.
  • This is the first song to feature Phineas' usual rasp voice for the rest of the series.


BMI Work #9919927

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