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Flynn-Fletcher family
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The members of the Flynn-Fletcher household in a promotional image.
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Flynn-Fletcher house
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"Rollercoaster" (all but Lawrence)
"Candace Loses Her Head" (Lawrence)

The Flynn-Fletcher family is the combined family of Linda and Lawrence, with family members from previous marriages.


Fletcher family

The Fletcher family is Ferb's side of the family tracing to the United Kingdom. Reginald Fletcher, his paternal grandfather, was famous for having been a stunt cyclist known as the "Flying Fishmonger". Reginald eventually married Winifred Fletcher, and they had two sons, Lawrence and Adrian Fletcher.

Adrian married a woman named Lucy and they had one daughter, Eliza Beckham Fletcher, and five sons, Beckham, Pelé, Beckham, Pelé, and Beckham.

Lawrence Fletcher fell in love and married an unknown woman, with whom he had his son Ferb. Nothing is known about Ferb's biological mother, as she is never mentioned or a part of his life as of now.

Some time after the ending of Lawrence's marriage with Ferb's mother, he fell in love with an American woman, Linda Flynn, who was previously a popstar. His relationship with Linda began what would lead to a new life for Lawrence and his son.

Lawrence eventually married Linda. He and his son Ferb moved to the United States to live with her and her children whom they have since shared a happy life with ever since.

Flynn family

The Flynn family is Phineas and Candace's side of the family originating in the United States. Its first known member is the spirited Clyde Flynn. Clyde married a woman named Betty Jo and they had two daughters: Linda and Tiana Flynn. Tiana grew up to become a world traveller and avid adventurer alongside her boyfriend and later husband, Bob Webber, Linda had a brief musical career as "Lindana". After her era of fame, Linda married and had two kids. Her first child was Candace Gertrude Flynn, who is currently 15 years old. Her second was Phineas Flynn, who is a few years younger than Candace. At some point, not long after Phineas' birth, Linda's relationship with her then-husband abruptly ended and she was left taking care of her children alone.

Linda met a British antiques dealer named Lawrence Fletcher, who shared the history of having been left alone with his child after the untimely ending of a previous marriage. They fell in love and began dating, and not long afterwards, they married each other. Phineas and Candace gained Lawrence as a stepfather and Ferb as a stepbrother. They have since lived together in a single blended family.

The Flynn-Fletchers adopted a pet platypus they named Perry. Perry has become an honorary member of this family, having lived with them happily since Phineas and Ferb chose to adopt him from OWCA Animal Rescue when they were toddlers.

Family members

Flynn-Fletcher Frame

The Flynn-Fletcher Family Frame




Other relatives


Fletchers Member Role
Da distant ancestor
Gerb distant ancestor
Lawrence Fletcher (1542) probable ancestor
Ferb Fletcher (1542) probable ancestor
Lawrence Fletcher (1903) probable ancestor
Ferb Fletcher (1903) probable ancestor
Lawrence Fletcher (1914) relationship unclear
Rhode Island Fletcher relationship unclear
Reginald Fletcher's father and Reginald Fletcher's mother Reginald's parents
Reginald Fletcher grandfather
Winifred Fletcher grandmother
Lawrence Fletcher Father
Ferb Fletcher Son
Ferb's Scottish cousin cousin
Uncle Angus uncle
Aunt Maura aunt
Adrian Fletcher Lawrence's brother
Lucy Fletcher Adrian's wife
Beckham Fletcher (blond hair), cousin
Beckham Fletcher (brown hair, square glasses), cousin
Beckham Fletcher (brown hair, half-moon glasses), cousin
Pelé Fletcher (blond hair), cousin
Pelé Fletcher (brown hair), cousin
Eliza Fletcher cousin
Flynns Member Role
Mog distant ancestor
Phinabunk distant ancestor
Can-tok distant ancestor
Linda Flynn (1542) probable ancestor
Phineas Flynn (1542) probable ancestor
Candace Flynn (1542) probable ancestor
Linda Flynn-Fletcher (1903) relationship unclear
Candace Flynn (1903) relationship unclear
Phineas Flynn (1903) relationship unclear
Ohio Flynn relationship unclear
Candace Flynn (1914) relationship unclear
The Newspaper Editor (1914) relationship unclear
Dr. Phineastein ancestor
Constance ancestor
Clyde Flynn grandfather
Betty Jo Flynn grandmother
Lorraine great-aunt
Linda Flynn-Fletcher Mother
Tiana Webber aunt
Candace Flynn Daughter
Phineas Flynn Son
Pets Member Role
Two-headed cow (created, deceased, unknown if released)
Platypus monster (created, deceased, unknown if released)
Perry the Platypus pet
Phineas and Ferb's unnamed fish pet
Goldie (released)
Steve (status unknown)
Bucky (deceased)
Barry (created, released)
Bunka da Bunkaquan (deceased)
Other relatives Member Role
Bob Webber Tiana's husband
Future Member Role
Jeremy Johnson Candace's husband
Amanda Candace's and Jeremy's daughter
Fred Candace's and Jeremy's son
Xavier Candace's and Jeremy's son
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Phineas's wife
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Ferb's future girlfriend

Unconfirmed people include: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (as Phineas's wife). Also another possibly is Jeremy Johnson (as Candace's husband and Amanda, Xavier, and Fred's father). Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Ferb's future girlfriend)

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