I'm trying to figure out the days count for the american summer vacation.

As you may have already guessed I'm not an american, and I've been looking for references to support the series theme song statement of 104 days, but couldn't find any (including Wikipwdia). All I have found is about 90 days.

Could anyone please lay out the numbers and dates of this vacation in the american education system for me?



Ah, ask and ye shall recieveth. The period we talk about (and is sung about) lasts from around Memorial Day (the last Monday in May in the USA) until Labor Day (the first Monday in September). The 104 Days reference is an educated guessstmate, depending on where you live of course, and what holidays you observe. Mouseinphilly (talk) 4:16 AM US EDT Sept 11 2012 (In Memory of those who gave their lives)

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