Longer discussions about the nominations should be conducted here.

I think that you should have themes for the quotes that way you can compare them more easily. Like quotes by (character name here), best one line quote (not by Ferb), ect.

It doesn't have to quote

I think for the next one you should put in "...My parants would never let me watch music videos" "We don't have time for an emotionally scarring back-story!" "Well mabey I shcould give you an emotionslly scarring front-story!" walks out of scene "That doesn't even make scence." zooms out to show dofinshmetz in a monster truck "It doesn't have to! I got a monster truck!" Rides off shouting in joy Doofinshmertz and Monogram. - Unsigned comment by (Talk) 01:22, November 13, 2009

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