This article is about the Francis Monogram from 1542, or the Ming Dynasty. You may be looking for his present counterpart.
Francis Monogram (1542)
Regent Monogram
Regent Monogram calling Doofus Khan a barbarian.
Gender: Male
Hometown: China
Nemesis: Doofus Khan
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Carl Karl (1542)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Last Appearance:
  "Doof Dynasty"
Voiced by:
Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Francis Monogram (1542) or Regent Monogram is the counterpart of Major Monogram from 1542 China. He is the regent of the Tri-Province Area and the guardian of Princess Isabella. He is also at odds with the conqueror Doofus Khan who regularly terrorizes the province.

Physical Appearance

He looks like Major Monogram with an added beard. He wears a dark green hat, green and dark green robes, black pants and black shoes.


Princess Isabella

Regent Monogram is the princess' guardian. He seems to have a parental relationship with Isabella, as he is very concerned with her safety when she is kidnapped and he embraces her with joy upon her return. He also shows kindness to her, as shown by his promise to throw her a party after Doofus Khan is defeated.

Doofus Khan

He seems to have a rather heated relationship with him, as they both throw taunting scrolls at each other and call each other names.

Commander Carl

Carl seems to be second in command to him, and unlike his original counterpart, Monogram trusts him a lot.



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