Gadget Golf Winter Holiday Edition
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Developer: Disney
Platform(s): Computer game
Released: November 2010
Genre(s): Sports
Rating(s): N/A

Gadget Golf Winter Holiday Edition is a spin-off of "Gadget Golf" that can be found on the Disney Channel US website. Similar to the original game, the player can play as either Phineas or Ferb on a 9-hole winter-themed miniature golf course. The par-32 course is described below:

List of holes

Hole Description Par
1 Candy canes 3
2 Snow plows 2
3 Snowman 3
4 Snowball launchers 3
5 Snowboarding elves 3
6 Hockey 4
7 Gingerbread house and man 5
8 Abominable snowman and Santa 4
9 Christmas tree and presents 5


The controls are the same as in "Gadget Golf": the player can set the angle of the putt with the left and right keys and set power with up and down, while the starting spot is selected with the up and down keys and set with left and right.

Winning and other info

If the player wins, a short scene with Phineas, Ferb, and Candace is seen. If the player loses or ties, only Phineas and Ferb are shown.

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