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"He's big, he's dumb, he's got the IQ of gum, he's got the brain about the size of a sourdough crumb! But he'll beat on your head, like a big-bass drum! His behavior is truly unruly; He's a Bully!"
— Ending lyrics of the song He's a Bully[source]

"Buford loves this!"
— Buford's catchphrase

Brain Drain (45)

Buford Van Stomm is a bully in the town of Danville that joins Phineas and Ferb on their adventures.

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"The Lake Nose Monster"

"Tip of the Day"

"Don't Even Blink"

"Chez Platypus"

"Gaming the System"

"Thaddeus and Thor"

"De Plane! De Plane!"

"Let's Take a Quiz"

"At the Car Wash"

"Oh, There You Are, Perry"

"Swiss Family Phineas"

"Hide and Seek"

"That Sinking Feeling"

"The Baljeatles"

"Vanessassary Roughness"

"No More Bunny Business"

"Spa Day"

"Bubble Boys"/"Isabella and the Temple of Sap"

"Cheer Up Candace"

"Fireside Girl Jamboree"

"The Bully Code"

"Picture This"

"What Do It Do?"


"Just Passing Through"

"Candace's Big Day"

"Suddenly Suzy"

"Hip Hip Parade"

"Ain't No Kiddie Ride"

"Not Phineas and Ferb"

"Phineas and Ferb-Busters"

"Robot Rodeo"

"The Beak"

"She's the Mayor"

"The Lemonade Stand"

"Nerds of a Feather"

"Wizard of Odd"

"We Call it Maze"

"The Secret of Success"

"Split Personality"

"Brain Drain"

"Rollercoaster: The Musical!"

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