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Candace and Stacy have shared an enduring friend relationship. They'd often come to the aid one another when the other needed help. Candace would reach out to Stacy for help for things such as trying to get Jeremy's attention, busting Phineas and Ferb, a shopping partner, or simply someone to converse with over the phone. Stacy doesn't appear to have relied on Candace as much besides as a companion to help her get through a tedious enterprise she feels she can't endure alone. ("The Secret of Success", "Run, Candace, Run")

Their friendship has been tested and jeopardized multiple times under Candace's accountability, ("Lemonade Stand ", "Spa Day") nonetheless they were able to make up and keep it upheld.

It is unknown when they met or how they became friends. What is known is that their relationship can be traced as far back as the third grade.

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