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"You know, Candace, I've had a lot of fun in your backyard, but this is the best time yet."
— Jeremy, having dinner with Candace[source]

Jeremy with a lizard
Jeremy Johnson is the crush and later boyfriend of Candace Flynn, older brother of Suzy Johnson and son of Jack Johnson and Mrs. Johnson. He is the guitar player for Jeremy and the Incidentals. He is apparently the founder and/or leader, since the group has been named after him.
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"The Great Indoors"


"Run, Candace, Run"

"Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!"

"Moon Farm"

"Misperceived Monotreme"

"Bad Hair Day"

"A Real Boy"

"My Fair Goalie"

"The Curse of Candace"

"Monster from the Id"


"Let's Bounce"

"Delivery of Destiny"

"Sleepwalk Surprise"

"Ferb TV"

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