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Last Day of Summer title card

On the inevitable 104th day of vacation, the season is coming to a close and it’s Candace’s last chance to bust her brothers; who build huge playground equipment for the finale of summer. She is quickly foiled, but when she goes to return a DVD to Vanessa and finds Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s Do-Over-Inator, she finds an opportunity to redo the day, which results in other consequences like rips in the space-time continuum, the shortening of days and the disappearance of her brothers.

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Act 1

Prologue/Serious Fun

Candace's Last Chance

Plans for the last day/Mission briefing

Act 2

Doofenshmirtz's (not so) good morning

The Last Big Idea/No One I'd Rather Go Nowhere With

The usual flaw

The Do-Over Inator

Another chance?

Act 3

Tomorrow Is this Morning Again

The second do-over fails

Yet another chance

Do-over montage

Doofenshmirtz, the first Tri-Governor

No spoons nor capri pants

Doofenshmirtz finally wins

Phineas and Ferb disappear

Act 4

Linda forgets

Vanessa's new room


Candace convinces her friends

Doofenshmirtz's new office

Wild fluctuations in the space-time continuum

Vanessa's secret

Starting over

Reaching Nullville

Act 5

Regaining memories

Time Loop explanation

Gotta Get Back in Time

The catapult

Act 6

Finishing the Time-Straighten-Out-inator

Multiple do-overs

The time loop is finished

Memories/Curtain Call/Time Spent Together


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