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"I may seem like a barmy ol' git now, but when I wasn't so long in the tooth, I had some grand larks and engaged in a fair amount of daring-do."
— Reginald to his grandchildren.[source]

Reg sees the restored mackerel

Reginald Fletcher, nicknamed Reg, is a former daredevil known as The Flying Fishmonger. He is the grandfather of Ferb Fletcher, the step-grandfather of Candace, and Phineas Flynn, husband to Winifred Fletcher, and father of Lawrence Fletcher and Adrian Fletcher. He is British, and he speaks in a heavy Leeds accent.

As a Grandfather, he suffers from many aches and pains, such as lumbago and a bad trick knee. He is still very spry, and active as ever. His grandchildren will visit him and Winifred at least once a year, and he lives his life retired in his London home lying next to the former castle of the Black Knight of Worcestershire.

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