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With Mom at the grocery store, Phineas and Ferb decide to build a huge roller coaster spreading all around Danville. With loopy-loops and turn drops, the roller coaster is truly amazing! Candace tries to bust them to Mom, but she keeps missing by just a second. Meanwhile, Perry stops Dr. Doofenshmirtz from trying to reverse the rotation of the Earth.

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The Beginning of Summer

Candace is in Charge, Conditionally

Candace Sees the Coaster

Isabella's Entrance

Agent P's Important Message

Candace tries to convince Linda

Doofenshmirtz's Plan to Reverse the Rotation

Poster Problem

The Coolest Coaster Ever!

Riding the Coaster

For more pictures of the coaster, see Coolest Coaster Ever.


Perry Wins

Failure at the Supermarket

Wild Additions to the Ride

For more pictures of the coaster, see Coolest Coaster Ever.

Candace Fails to Bust

What Should We Do Tomorrow?

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"Original Pitch"
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