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"We have to blur the line between skateboard and skateboarder we can combine dirt biking, ATV racing, in-line skating, street luge, motorized scooters, and Bulgarian folk dancing. Of course, all this extreme fun requires extreme safety: shoulder pads, goggles, gloves, Bulgarian folk athletic supporters, and rocket boosters, razor wire, grappling hooks and laser blaster. Then we lock it all in with an indestructible titanium exoskeleton which increases strength, jumping ability, and other physical attributes one hundred times, including the senses and folk dancing ability."
— Phineas during Construction

The life of a superhero is a lonely one

"The Beak" is a suit created by Phineas and Ferb to safely conquer their newly built extreme skate-track.

Construction and on the obstacle course

A Cry for help

First encounter with Khaka Peü Peü

Protecting Danville from Khaka Peü Peü

2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz's invasion

Mission Marvel

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