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"Giant 3D Scrapbook"
3D scrapbook chez platypus moment
Candace viewing the memory of her and Jeremy's dinner date.
Song by Love Händel
Genre(s): Rock
Length: 1:26
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Phineas and Ferb - Scrapbook of Memories (All About You)01:37

Phineas and Ferb - Scrapbook of Memories (All About You)

"Giant 3D Scrapbook" is a song from episode "Cheers for Fears", as Candace checks the giant scrapbook that her brother made for her as a gift for Jeremy's birthday.


The way you play guitar, that crazy octave reach,
Your uncle's meatball sub, we must have eaten two each
Here's where you ate that soup and got that stomach flu.

Your blue eyes make me melt with a wink,
You're always so polite, you never say when I stink
It's a giant 3D scrapbook, and it's all about you.

I know that I can be high-strung,
Enough to make a lot of boyfriends flee,
But you're still here with me now
Let's make some more memories.
Let's make some more memories!

You had hunky ankles in that sandal commercial,
The time you saved that tree, it was so controversial,
It's a giant 3D scrapbook,
It's a giant 3D scrapbook,
It's a giant 3D scrapbook, and it's all about you,
And it's all about you!


3D scrapbook Candace and Jeremy dancing
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BMI Work #17352646

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"Irish Rover"
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