Giant Mechanical Ants
Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 notice one of the ants.
Created: Sometime before the movie
Nemesis: The Resistance
Friends and Family
Charlene Doofenshmirtz
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension"

The "Giant Mechanical Ants" were robots created by Charlene Doofenshmirtz to attack the Resistance in "Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension".

One of them was later used as a vehicle for The Resistance to attack Charlene's Penthouse.


The robots were built sometime before the events of the movie by Charlene. They first attacked while the 2nd Dimension citizens were starting to play sports, attacking them while Platyborg fought with the Animal Borgs nearby.

While the giant mechanical ants were defeated eventually, it was too late as Platyborg had already been stunned and captured by the Animal Borgs. At the Resistance headquarters, Dr. Baljeet modified and reprogrammed one of them so that it could be used as a vehicle for the sneak attack at Charlene's No Longer Married To Doofenshmirtz Penthouse.

The ant managed to bring the Resistance to the top of the penthouse, but was soon shot down by Charlene after they got out and it fell to the ground, breaking in pieces.

Physical appearance

The giant mechanical ants, as their name implies, are giant robots designed to look like ants.


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