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Haney's Cow Emporium
Haney Cow Emporium
The store's sign
Native language:   English
Stories: One (presumably)
Color(s): brown
Location Information
Street: Unknown (Downtown)
City: Danville
County: Jefferson County
Country: United States of America
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
The Magnificent Few

Haney's Cow Emporium is a store located in Danville that sells cow-related items. When Candace is running away from the stampeding cows, she notices Haney's Cow Emporium and enters it. Candace looks for items to stop the stampede. The shopkeeper offers her a "scary wolf puppet", which she rejects, and a silent cow whistle, which she accepts.

At first when Candace uses the whistle, she thinks that it works. Unfortunately, the cows just stopped for a red light. When it turned green, they were up and stampeding as if nothing ever happened. So Candace figured out the hard way (getting chased by a stampede of cattle) that it doesn't work. Candace complains about it, but the shopkeeper closes the store because of the stampede. ("The Magnificent Few")

Background Information


  • "Haney's" is likely a reference to Mr. Haney from the TV series, "Green Acres". He was a shady character, selling items of dubious usefulness at inflated prices.