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"Helicopter Fight"
Helicopters fighting
Song by Danny Jacob
Genre(s): Rock
Length: 1:07
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Phineas and Ferb - Helicopter Fight01:13

Phineas and Ferb - Helicopter Fight

"Helicopter Fight" is a song from "Sidetracked" sung by Danny Jacob, played while Perry and Lyla fight against Bannister.


If you're looking for action, better hold on tight
(Helicopter fight, helicopter fight)
L-l-l-looks like we got ourselves a helicopter fight
(Helicopter fight, helicopter fight)

To remove any confusion from ambiguous writing
(Helicopter fight, helicopter fight)
This is people fighting on a helicopter,
Not two helicopters fighting (Ooohhhhh!)

Though that would have been cool, (Yeah?)
It might have been more exciting (You think?)
Let's take a look


No, that looked better in my head,
Let's just get back to the action
That was really pretty lame,
I apologize for the distraction

This is a helicopter fight!
(People fighting on a helicopter!)
This is a helicopter fight!
(People fighting on a helicopter!)
This is a helicopter fight!

(It's not two helicopters fighting, oh no
We saw that, but it was only so-so)

This is people fighting on a helicopter!

Background information


BMI Work #15975328



"New Greenland Anthem"
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