Ignatius Ukareamü
Ignatius Ukareamü
Ignatius or "Iggy"
Gender: Male
Height: Around Lawrence's height
Professional Information
  Possibly tour guide
Major: Unknown, he did attend to the same University as Lawrence
Friends and Family
Lawrence Fletcher
Linda Flynn-Fletcher
Phineas Flynn
Ferb Fletcher
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Where's Perry?"
Voiced by:
Edi Gathegi

Lenny Henry (UK version)

"It is not all glamour."
— Ignatius[source]

Ignatius Ukareamü is a worker at an Africa research center and animal reserve.

Physical appearance

Ignatius wears dark khaki pants, a brown work polo with an undershirt beneath, a hat, and shows with good tread.

Personality and traits

He appears to be a fun, life loving guy, who enjoys his work, even though it is not all fun. Ignatius is very easygoing.


Lawrence Fletcher

Lawrence and Ignatius used to be two good college friends. They reunited in Africa decades later. They had nicknames for each other.


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