"It's Elementary"
The girls searching for clues
Song by Danny Jacob
Length: 0:51
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Phineas and Ferb - Elementary

"It's Elementary" is a song that is sung while Candace and Stacy pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. ("Elementary My Dear Stacy")


We've got a mystery to solve,
Clues and puzzles to resolve!
It's elementary!

Separating fact from fiction,
Gonna get me a conviction!

Oh what is truth and what is lies?
It's elementary!

I see it with my private eyes,
Grab your magnifying glass,
'Cause deductive reasoning's a gas,

It's elementary! (Elementary) (It's elementary, yeah!)
It's elementary! (Elementary) (It's elementary, yeah!)
Aw yeah, it's elementary! (Elementary) (It's elementary, yeah!)
Yeah, it's elementary!


BMI Work#10941316


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  • The song is from Candace and Stacy's perspectives, but they don't actually sing it.

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