Katt Karr
Format: Spy show
Created by: Phineas and Ferb (Possibly)
Writer(s): Phineas and Ferb (Possibly)
No. of episodes:     Pilot
Starring: Roger Doofenshmirtz and Professor Nibbles

"Katt Karr, it's driving away from us"
— the show's tag-line

Katt Karr is one of "Ferb TV"'s shows. It stars Roger Doofenshmirtz. Katt Karr is the Inexplicable story of a man whose car, for some reason, looks a lot like a cat. The main character is Roger Doofenshmirtz, a politician of above average attractiveness. He is hunting down a villain who is dressed like a mouse: Professor Nibbles.


Roger is talking to his car, telling it that they've looked all over Metroberg, but there is still no sign of Professor Nibbles. He then asks it if it has any ideas. Katt Karr meows at him. Roger then asks how a saucer of milk is going to work, but agrees because "you're the car." Roger tells Katt Karr that they had almost caught Professor Nibbles. Professor Nibbles then throws a ball of yarn down another street and Katt Karr chases it. Roger gets annoyed about this. Roger finally captured Professor Nibbles for his crimes. He has trouble making up another metaphor, so just said "Thanks for the help, Katt Karr." They both then look towards Katt Karr, who spits out a hairball. Rodger then tells Professor Nibbles to pretend that they didn't see that.



  • This is an allusion to the television series, Knight Rider. KATT KARR is a reference to K.I.T.T, Micheal Knight's car from Knight Rider. K.A.R.R is also the name of Garthe Knight's, Micheal Knight's nemesis, car.