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Phineas Flynn

Vincent Martella
Flag of Brazil Yan Gesteira (1st speaking voice Brazil)/Fabricio Villa Verde (2nd speaking voice Brazil)
Flag of Denmark Oliver Ryborg (Denmark)
Flag of Germany 100px Manuel Straube (1st voice Germany)/Patrick Schröder (2nd voice Germany)
Flag of Israel Hadar Shahaf (Israel)
Globe of Latin America Memo Aponte, Jr. (Latin America)
Flag of Serbia Andrijana Oliverić (Serbia)
Flag of the Netherlands Victor Peeters (Netherlands)
Flag of Poland Wit Apostolakis-Gluziński (Seasons 1-beginning of 4)(Poland)/Juliusz Kamil Kuźnik(Season 4)
Flag of Portugal André Raimundo (Portugal)
Flag of Spain 100px Miguel Ríus (In Spain)
Flag of Sweden Sam Molavi (Sweden) (Season 1 - end of 2) /Benjamin Tesfazion (end of Season 2 -3) /Teodor Siljeholm (Season 4)
Flag of Japan Koki Miyata (Japan)
Flag of Finland Henri Piispanen / Matias Hangasmaa (Finland)
800px-Flag of France.svg Donald Reignoux (France)
800px-Flag of Italy.svg Manuel Meli (Italy)
800px-Flag of Hungary.svg Penke Bence (Speaking voice Hungary)
Flag of Russia Gena Grachev (Season 1, Russia), Alexander Gorchilin (Season 2), Dmitry Cherevatenko (Season 3-Present)
20px Burcu Güneştutar (Speaking voice Turkey)

Singing Voice
Flag of Brazil Raphael Oliveira (Brazil)
Flag of Spain 100px Marta Sam (Spain)/Eric Cruz (In "Spa Day")
Flag of Sweden Sam Molavi (Sweden) (Season 1 - end of 2) /Benjamin Tesfazion (end of Season 2 -3) /Teodor Siljeholm (Season 4)Oskar Nilsson (Singing voice)
800px-Flag of Hungary.svg Sánta László (Hungary (in new episodes))
Flag of Iceland Pétur Örn Guðmundsson (Iceland)

Ferb Fletcher

Thomas Sangster
Flag of Brazil Gustavo Pereira (Brazil)
Flag of Denmark Carl Gustav-Weyde Andersen (Denmark)
Flag of Germany 100px Stefan Günther (Germany)
Flag of Israel Ofir Tzemah (1st voice Israel)/Guy Rushiniak (2nd voice Israel)
Globe of Latin America Marco Portillo (Latin America)/Diego Angeles(Season 4)
Flag of Serbia Marko Marković (Serbia)
Flag of the Netherlands Quinten Schout (1st voice Netherlands)/Sander van der Poel (2nd voice Netherlands)
Flag of Japan Yūki Masuda (Japan)
Flag of Poland Mateusz Narloch (Poland)
Flag of Portugal Peter Michael (Portugal)
Flag of Spain 100px Sergio García (1st voice in Spain)/Adrián Viador (voice in Spain in: The Return of the Rogue Rabbit, Lost in Danville, The Inator Method, Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars, Night of the Living Pharmacists, Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension, Act Your AgeLast Day of Summer and "O.W.C.A. Files")
Flag of Sweden John Åström (Sweden)
Flag of Finland Oskari Tamminen (Finland)
800px-Flag of France.svg Fabrice Trojani (France)
800px-Flag of Italy.svg Fabio Valenzi, later Federico Campaiola (Italy)
800px-Flag of Hungary.svg Timon Barnabás (Hungary)
Flag of Russia Mikhail Borisov (Season 1, Russia), Alexander Gorchilin (Season 2), Dmitry Cherevatenko (Season 3-Present)
20px Fatih Özkul (speaking voice Turkey, Season 2-3-4)

Singing voice

Flag of Spain 100px Lucky Luciano (regular Spanish singing voice) / Miguel Morant (second Spanish singing voice) / Miguel Antelo (another Spanish singing voice) / Miguel Ángel Varela (Spanish singing voice in the movie and some episodes)/Oscar Varela (rapping in "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars")
Flag of Sweden Joakim Jennefors (Singing voice, Sweden)
Flag of Iceland Pétur Örn Guðmundsson (Iceland)

Candace Flynn

Ashley Tisdale, Dan Povenmire (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice)
Flag of Brazil Flávia Fontenelle (Speaking voice Brazil)/Mariana Féo (Singing voice Brazil)
Flag of Denmark Sara Poulsen (Denmark)
Flag of Germany 100px Lea Kalbhenn (Germany)/Tommy Amper (allergy-affected voice)
Flag of Israel Adi Kozlovsky (Israel)
Globe of Latin America Christine Byrd (Latin America)
Flag of Serbia Marija Dakić (Serbia)
Flag of the Netherlands Lizemijn Libgott (Netherlands)
Flag of Japan Ryoko Nagata (Japan)
Flag of Poland Monika Pikuła (Poland), Jarosław Boberek (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice)
Flag of Portugal Carla Garcia (Portugal)
Flag of Spain 100px Olga Velasco (In Spain) / Miguel Ángel Varela (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice) / Antonio Villar (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice in the movie)
Flag of Sweden Elina Raeder (Sweden) / Ole Ornered (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice)
Flag of Finland Henni-Liisa Stam (Finland)
800px-Flag of France.svg Manon Azem (France)
800px-Flag of Italy.svg Gemma Donati (Italy)
800px-Flag of Hungary.svg
Kati Árkosi (1st speaking voice, season 1 episodes, Hungary), Tímea Pupos (2nd speaking voice, season 2-3, singing in some season 2 songs, Hungary), Zsanett Andrádi (3rd speaking voice, Hungary)
Flag of Iceland Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir (Iceland)
Flag of Iceland Örn Árnason (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice)
Flag of Russia Maria Pavlova (Russia), Anton Batyrev (providing Candace's allergy-affected voice)
20px Berrak Kuş (Turkey, Season 1), Suzan Acun (Turkey, Season 2-3-4)

Singing Voice
Flag of Brazil Mariana Féo (Singing voice Brazil)
Flag of Germany 100px Omnitah Must (singing voice in German)

800px-Flag of Hungary.svg Bernadett Vágó (singing voice in season 1 and some songs of season 2 in Hungary)
Flag of Portugal Isabel Jacobetty (main singing voice in Portugal)
Flag of Spain 100px Paloma Blanco (Spanish singing voice)

Perry the Platypus

Dee Bradley Baker — English and presumably all other languages (confirmed for Germany, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Russia and Sweden)
Globe of Latin America Oscar Flores (some loops for the Latin America version)
Flag of Spain 100px Antonio Cremades (some loops for the Spanish version), Antonio Villar (some times), Luis Fernando Rios ("The Klimpaloon Ultimatum")

Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Dan Povenmire
Flag of Brazil Samir Murad (Brazil)
Flag of Denmark Allan Klie (Denmark)
Flag of Finland Antti Jaakola (Finland)
Flag of Germany 100px Claus Brockmeyer (Germany)
Flag of Israel Gilad Kalter (Israel)
Globe of Latin America Germán Fabregat/Mario Filio (2 episodes) (Latin America)
Flag of the Netherlands Bob van der Houven (Netherlands)
Flag of Poland Wojciech Paszkowski (Poland)
Flag of Portugal Peter Michael (Portugal)
Flag of Japan Yohei Tadano (Japan)
Flag of Romania Petre Lupu (Romania)
Flag of Spain 100px Abraham Aguilar (In Spain) / Miguel Ángel Varela (Spanish singing voice in all songs, excepting "Impress My Professor", "My Cruisin' Sweet Ride", "Hail, Doofania" and "Army of Me")
Flag of Sweden Andreas Nilsson (Sweden)
800px-Flag of France.svg Pierre-Francois Pistorio (France)
800px-Flag of Italy.svg Luca Del Fabbro (Italy)
800px-Flag of Hungary.svg Háda János (Hungary)
Flag of Turkey Atilla Şendil (Turkey)
Flag of Russia Oleg Haritonov (Season 1-2, Russia), Maxim Glebov (Season 2 - Present)

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