Reference Quote or Context Episode(s)
James Bond "That, my friend, is classified information." Phineas says this to Isabella in her pool in a James Bond impersonation. "Ready for the Bettys"
Perry's Theme Perry's theme has some similar beat and sound similarities to the famous James Bond theme. Many
Agent 007

Perry has to team up with an agent referred to as "Agent Double 0-0".

"Elementary My Dear Stacy"
Goldfinger Perry was strapped to a table, about to be destroyed by a laser.

"Nerdy Dancin'"

For Your Eyes Only The 1981 movie title was parodied. "For Your Ice Only"
Thunderball The underwater breathing device Perry uses is also similar to the device James Bond used in said movie. "The Magnificent Few"
Live and Let Die The 1973 movie title was parodied. "Live and Let Drive"

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