Reference Quote or Context Episode(s)
The Vulcan Nerve Pinch Ferb gives Buford a Vulcan grip at the parking lot in the Googolplex Mall. "Raging Bully"
Captain Kirk "Ferb...can you give me...any...more...power?"

Phineas says this while trying to save his sister from falling to her doom off a cliff on the Bettys' Tour Bus. It is said to the tone of Captain James T. Kirk.

"Ready for the Bettys"
Tractor Beams Perry catches Phineas and Ferb in his hover-car in a tractor beam and flips them upside down, dumping them into Isabella's pool. Note: Tractor beams have been used all over sci-fi, but Star Trek made constant and consistent use of them. "Ready for the Bettys"
  • The way Phineas and Ferb teleport with their molecular transporter, it is nearly exact in sound and appearance as being "beamed up" in the series.
  • Also when Baljeet asks Ferb to leave, some "Speckies" use a flashlight to "beam" him away while mimicking the sound of the beaming.

"Day of the Living Gelatin"

"Nerds of a Feather"

Geordi La Forge's visor The visor Baljeet wears during the Let's Go Digital musical number is very similar to Geordi La Forge's. "Gaming the System"
Trekkies An assortment of traits from the "Speckie" fandom are direct parodies of "Trekkie's", including its name and the behavior of the fans. "Nerds of a Feather"
Quality of Star Trek films A brief line spoken by Albert, stating that Stumbleberry Finkbat is more realistic than "every even numbered Space Adventure film", is a direct reference to the believed quality of Star Trek films: Even numbered Trek films are good, while odd-numbered ones are poor. This is a pattern that is actually believed to have been broken by the 10th film, Star Trek Nemesis, being panned, and the 11th film, Star Trek, being praised. "Nerds of a Feather"
Khan's Last Words A line spoken by Candace, while she is about to jab Phineas and Ferb's metal shark with a harpoon, toilet plunger, she says "For busting's sake I spit my last spit at thee..." Which is a quote to Khan's last words on the U.S.S. Reliant at his death. He said "For hate's sake I spit my last spit at thee..." "The Belly of the Beast"