Reference Quote or Context Episode(s)
It is Not this Day When Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella lose their giant pet chameleon, Isabella considers giving up the search but Ferb gives her a "It is not this day" speech, similar to Aragorn before leading the Rohan and Gondor armies against the Black Gate of Mordor. "The Lizard Whisperer"
Bufodulas in the Corner Bufodulas sits in a corner much like Aragorn did in The Fellowship of the Ring, while wearing a hooded cloak. Phineas and Ferb-a-lot talk about him the way Frodo, Sam, and Merry did. "Excaliferb"
Mount Doof Mount Doof is a reference to Mount Doom. "Excaliferb"

Stumpleberry Finklebat vs Space Adventure

The rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars and "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings". "Nerds of a Feather"
Baljeetolas Baljeet is given the name Baljeetolas, a reference to Legolas. "Excaliferb"
The Inn of the Prancing Platypus The Inn that Phineas and Ferb-a-lot stay at while looking for a guide is called "The Inn of the Prancing Platypus", a reference to where Frodo was to meet with Gandalf, at The Inn of the Prancing Pony. "Excaliferb"
Mulifashmirtz's Spies Bufodulas says that Malifishmirtz's spies are everywhere, much like when Gandalf says that Saruman's spies are everywhere. "Excaliferb"
The Water Sprites at the Shallow River When Isabel summons the water sprites to save the questers, it is similar to when Arwen summoned the river to kill the Nazgul. "Excaliferb"
Stuck in the Cave of a Thousand Monsters When the questers reach the Cave a Thousand Monsters, they are trapped because of an avalanche, similar to that caused by the Watcher in the Water at the Mines of Moria. "Excaliferb"
Army of Monsters Using a potentially malicious army controlled by a sword to fight Malifishmirtz's army is similar to the Dead Men of Dunharrow being controlled by Aragorn to fight Sauron's army in The Return of the King. "Excaliferb"
Malifishmirtz's Mirror The mirror sees all like the Eye of Sauron sees all. The Eye of Sauron is also first seen in a mirror. "Excaliferb"
Cave Troll When Perry and Monty encounter the goons, Monty states, "They have a cave troll," just as Boromir did. "Phineas and Ferb Save Summer"

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