Meap Species
Meap Species
The Meap Species
Nationality: Alien
Hometown: Meap Planet
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
Meap Planet
The home world

Meap's species is a cute race of aliens which Meap and Mitch belong to. Their home world is Meap's planet.


Meap with mustache

Their language only consists of the word "MEAP!". Members who live off-world or often go into outer space use the Universal Mustache Translator (which is just a mustache) for interacting with other species.


The species is shown to survive using cutonium. However if a member contains a large amount of cutonium they can possibly control others if they look at him. The species is shown to have a weak justice system since as Meap said the worst punishments they can give are time outs.

Interaction with Other Species

Their interaction with other species is shown to be limited since only Mitch and Meap were seen in space. The species don't appear to understand other species's languages, since Meap had to take off his mustache translator so that he could communicate with a radio operator on his planet.


The species is shown to be very cute as described by most who see them. They are short unless they wear a suit to give them a taller appearance. They also wear helmets, which are usually pink. Their heads are circular or oval shaped and their skin is white. They are shown to have big eyes and have no visible ears with even though the shape of their helmets suggest that they do have ears.

When Mitch drank the cutonium he had a vase-like, cylindrical shaped head. He had a tiny cape and his eyes were still big. His arms and legs became much shorter though.

Powers and Abilities

Besides being able to become skilled fighters they do not show that many abilities.

Their cuteness can be used to get things their way. If their cuteness is enhanced it also can give them the ability to control other beings, the cute blaster makes them cute.

They are shown to be able to shoot a powerful blast from their mouths. It is shown that they can set the intensity of the blast.


Notable Members

  • Meap (an intergalactic security agent)
  • Mitch (an intergalactic poacher and criminal)
  • Zachariah Yore

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