The meatlings after absorbing water.
Nemesis: Phineas (Excaliferb)
Isabel the Water Sprite
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Perry the Platypus 7
the form the meatlings originally have before absorbing water.

"Oh no, canned meat! Now we're in trouble."
"But they're so cute
Bufavolous and Isabel's opinions of the meatlings before they absorb water

The "Meatlings" were monsters created by Malifishmertz, who appeared in Excaliferb. They serve as his enforcers for the episode.

Personal life

"And now, I know exactly how to do it! You see, I found this ancient text, more of a-- a pamphlet really, and decided to use it to conjure up the most evil multitude to ever tread the Earth! But to do that, I needed to start with the most hideous substance known to man: Canned meat! Tripe-Henge Brand, only the best! So, earlier today, I placed thousands of cans of canned meat into the largest of my three cauldrons, cast my evil reanimation spell, and ta-da!"

The meatlings were created by Malifishmertz to conquer the Tri-Kingdom Area, though the initial impression they gave was not the most intimidating. Luckily, he managed to find a way to make them better: once they absorbed water, they would become bigger and stronger.

During the heroes's journey, Malifishmertz sent several of his meatlings towards them in hopes of getting rid of or at least incapacitate the heroes. Unanimously, the plan failed.

Later, during the brawl between Malifishmertz and the heroes, several meatlings (who had increased far bigger in size) participate, with a good deal of them being taken out.

Physical appearance

Before their transformation, the meatlings look small with big eyes and a pair of bunny-like ears. They possess no fingers or any visible feet.

After their transformation, which happens when they absorb water, the meatlings grow in size and their eyes change from big to small. They also gain hands, visible feet and their bunny-like ears dissapear.

Personality and traits

The meatlings, as mindless creatures, don't really display that much of a personality, both pre and post-water absorbtion.



They obey his orders without hesitation.


Background information


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